Token Tracker now available as a PWA!

Token tracker is a great way to keep track of numbers in games

Published on May 21, 2021

Token Tracker Board Games PWA

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Token tracker is a progressive web-app that installs to your phone in moments, takes little space, and works offline.

Tokens are typically in board games to simply count how much of something you have. They can range from cardboard “coins” to represent how much gold you have to painted wooden cubes or glass beads. Token Tracker is for tracking these tokens using an app instead of using physical tokens. This helps to:

  • De-clutter your table from mundane tokens
  • Reduce having to reach over the board to reduce the risk of disrupting play
  • Avoid having to re-count or re-calculate

Some example usages are:

  • Points
  • Gold
  • Health
  • Anything else that is represented by having X amount of some color or shape!

You can even use text tokens for names to keep score in your favorite dice or card game!

launchClick here to load Token Tracker