Kickstarter Campaign Launch: Cockatilt

We have now launched our Kickstarter campaign!

Published on September 02, 2014

Cockatilt game kickstarter

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We have now launched our Kickstarter campaign! Please help us make our first game a success.

Update: We’ve reached our goal! Click here for more information.

Cockatilt is a game wherein you fling an adorable butterball cockatiel across perches and down ladders so that she might continue to stuff her gizzard. Tap and drag movable perches of varying shapes and sizes to hasten her descent, and hope that her cage mate won’t beat her to dinner.

The game was designed as a $0.99 touch screen game for those who like cute chubby things, but want a challenge. The game already has an ESRB rating of ‘E’ and a PEGI rating of ‘3’. We are currently developing for Android and Windows Phone, with hopes of getting the game on iTunes in the future. The game will ship with 42 levels with the ability to add more later.

Oh yeah, no annoying ads will be in the game, in case you were worrying. We don’t believe in pop-ups and banners in games that you’ve paid for.